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(2) 2 Stage vacuum motors [Part #: 11639200] 146″ Water lift 97 CFM Air flow 120 PSI pump [Part #: 866-520-2141] 1.3 GPM Flow rate 120 Volt AC / 17.5 Amps max (1) 25’ 12/3 Gauge power cord 5 Gallon solution tank and 5 gallon recovery tank (1) 15′ vacuum hose & 15′ solution hose assembly (red) [Part #: TA1531570-4MF] (1) Single jet, 12″, Autoseal Wand [Part #: WMPT1V11008JG](Patented heavy duty self-adjustable suction angle head with adjustable stainless steel grip handle) (1) Stationary Handle Available with 170(XJ) and 220(XK) PSI pumps Output female plug GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) Other Autoseal Wands available Other hand tools and accessories available Intank heater with 140° F preset thermostat Inline heater (210° F max) For any specific custom options please contact customer service for availability Blue and red (Custom colors available please call customer service)

Specifications: (A-2200)





Accessories Included:


Shipping Weight: 80 lb +

Exterior Dimensions: H 25″ x W 17″ x L 22″

Standard Colors:

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