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Get to Know Us

Timbucktoo Manufacturing was established back in 1974 in sunny southern California. Since then the company has been focusing on engineering, design and manufacturing environmentally friendly cleaning equipment.

Our mission is to provide the best cleaning products with the highest reliability and most value for our customers. Whatever your needs we’re here to help, our in-house services include: customization, repair, private-labeling, rotational molding, composite fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, tube bending, welding, silk screening and more.  


We manufacture equipment as simple as upholstery and carpet extractors all the way to custom 480v 3ph heavy duty industrial cleaning machines. We also design and manufacture several attachments that include hand tools, high pressure spray guns, TMI Auto-Seal Wands ™ and an assortment of other customized attachments that are sure to meet your needs. TMI is constantly innovating and designing new equipment and parts to for our customers, all of which is guaranteed to be developed in house by TMI’s Engineers.

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